Blue Monday 04 25 11

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Doutzen Kroes recently joined the ranks of VSMs (Very Sexy Moms), she's back at work barely eight weeks later, and she's set to make her movie debut.

As if all that wasn't enough, how about getting to meet her as part of a trip to this year's upcoming Victoria's Secret Fashion Show? True, that would cost you some coin, but it would help out relief efforts in Japan. ( can also hook you up with a private dinner with Natalia Vodianova or getting to hang with Heidi Klum for a day).

Not out-of-the-world enough for you - and you really want to pony up into the stratosphere - really - and you've always thought Ms. Kroes was out-of-this-world? You can literally join her in space(!) to help fight HIV/AIDS. What in the world, or any other planet, it would cost to go along with her on the first Dutch commercial space flight, I wouldn't even want to guess. But you have until July 2nd to save up. Kind of hard to put a price on a verifiable story that begins, 'So Doutzen Kroes and I were in orbit together the other day, and she says to me..'

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