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Acrophobia 1977 is the true story of the Wichita Heights Falcons, the most outstanding High-school basketball team in Kansas\' history. Coached by the legendary mentor Mr. Lafayette Norwood, The Falcons went 23-0, and defeated their opponents by an average of 33 points, sporting a 91-point average without the 3-point shot yet in effect!...The 1977 Falcons featured 3 future pro-athletes in Darnell Valentine, Antoine Carr, and Olian Alexander. Valentine and Carr played many seasons in the NBA while Alexander boxed professionally while rooming with Evander Holyfield and sparring against Mike Tyson...This team truly played the game at a level rarely seen in High-school sports, performing as a superbly conditioned unit that obliterated Kansas state records! Acrophobia means (fear of heights),which is exactly an aprpos tit le for this fast moving read! The book chronicles the incredible talents of a group of 16-18 year old young men who performed way beyond anyone\'s wildest dreams...Darnell Valentine was among the best point-guards in U.S. history, and eventually went head to head with Earvin \"Magic\" Johnson during his NBA career...Valentine was the most explosive prep guard ever seen in tradition rich Kansas, and one of the greatest physical specimens of all time in any athletic endeavor! Antoine Carr, known as the \"Big Dog\" in NBA circles played with Moses Malone, and Dominique Wilkins bfore finally participating in 2 NBA finals with Utah Jazz legends John Stockton and Karl Malone. In Acrophobia 1977, you will take a ride back in time to discover what a unique bond that these great ballplayers had before they became stars...Author Mark Nale, a Cincinnati native, moved to Wichita, Kansas during the middle of his junior year, somewhat disillusioned about his basketball future after lo sing his old frienships and acquaintances in Cincinnati, Ohio. But as fate would have it, he gained a whole new set of friends and experienced playing for one of the most electrifying teams in American history a short time later!...In 2010, Nale decided it was time to write about the experience of playing with this amazing team that eventually reminded him of vintage 1980\'s Los Angeles Laker \"Showtime!\"...So get on board for a fast and exhilarating ride with these fabulously skilled young men as they jam to the music of the 1970\'s---like \"fly like an Eagle\", and \"Rubberband Man\", and \"Shining Star\"!