plunge bra Jason Scott Lee Dragon: Bruce Lee Story [VHS]

Jason Scott Lee Dragon: Bruce Lee Story [VHS]

This enjoyable and touching biography of martial-arts film star Bruce Lee stars Jason Scott Lee (no relation), an actor with a lively face and natural intensity, who makes every moment of this film compelling. Directed by Rob Cohen, Dragon traces Bruce Lee\'s slow rise over myriad obstacles--most of them race-based--to become an international superstar in films. Lee\'s origins are oddly set in San Francisco instead of his real home in Seattle, but then again there is plenty of artistic license going on as Cohen explores the actor\'s psyche through some powerful fantasy sequences. Lauren Holly is good as Lee\'s wife, Linda (whose book about her late husband inspired this movie). A scene involving Bruce\'s rescue of son Brandon (who died in a filmmaking acc ident in 1993) from a murderous spirit is plain spooky. The special-edition DVD release has a widescreen presentation, director interview, featurette, screen tests, closed captioning, optional French soundtrack, and optional Spanish subtitles. --Tom Keogh