The Micro Bikini, only for the most daring.

Taking the bikini to the ultimate fashion extreme. If you want to get a big reaction try wearing one of the smallest bikinis legally allowed on most U.S. beaches.

If attention is what you desire, attention is what you will get if you choose a micro bikini style swimsuit. Skimpy in design, a micro bikini is sure to get you noticed on any beach. For a woman who has strong body confidence and a sexy playful attitude the Micro Bikini is the perfect swimwear.

So what exactly is a micro bikini? The top is most often a triangle top string bikini that just barely covers the nipple area. The bottoms are normally a thong bikini style or the more extreme g-string bikini style. The bottoms may vary somewhat in the amount of coverage in both the front and back. However the coverage is always going to be quite minimal.

Because it is often difficult to find a good selection of Micro Bikinis in the swimwear section of a local department store shopping online is a great first choice. Listed are just three of my favorite online stores that carry the micro mini.

Wicked Weasel - Is an Australian company engaged in the manufacture and distribution of high quality risqué swimwear and underwear for women since 1994. Their high quality products are made entirely in Byron Bay, Australia.

Berrydog - Famous for their innovative micro thong designs. As the first swimwear designer in the USA to introduce the sexy Brazilian bathing suit they continue to be the leader in Brazilian Bikinis and the place to shop for them.

Bella Beachwear - Is one of the hottest swimwear collections on the internet. Ffind the same beautiful and fashionable swimwear exhibited on the beaches in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and LA. Select from the sexiest Brazilian Swimwear, Micro Bikini, Mini Bikinis and Thong Bikini.

It is a must when sporting a bikini, especially those itsy, bitsy, extremely sexy styles you see on beaches and in pools across the globe. Some women even use the option of permanent hair removal in an effort to avoid the always unpopular razor bumps. The process of hair removal using the waxing method is straight forward.

First: Depending on its length the technician will use scissors to cut the hair to ensure the wax is able to reach the base of the follicle.

Next: The technician will place warm wax on the area using a small wooden stick like applicator.

Finally: A smooth cloth is placed over the warm wax and the technician quickly pulls the cloth in the direction opposite of hair growth.

Yes, getting a bikini wax is painful and the new hairless area may stay sensitive for a short time afterwards.

Note: Always remember that not everyone will appreciate these sexy tiny bikinis and that some beaches and pools have strict guidelines for what is acceptable. It is always worth taking the extra time to learn the rules. Most beaches and pools have clearly post dress codes on their websites.