Brooklyn Decker - Want To Bet?

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The image above may be how you're used to seeing Brooklyn Decker. Certainly you've noticed her on one of the biggest magazine covers of the year:

2010 Sports Illustrated, Swimsuit, Edition, cover, Brooklyn Decker,

Poor girl needs help with her strings. And her bowling, apparently. She lost a bet to her husband, Andy Roddick, and she and his coach's wife ended up on an evening on the town in outfits picked out for them. To wit:

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From Ms. Decker's twitpics
The complete outfit. The worst part is the boys applauded everywhere we went so that people would turn & stare. As if my puppy purse and rainboots weren't enough...

You know, I could think of some rather interesting bets for my girlfriend and I to try, though I don't know if this would be the result. But you have to give her points on a sense of humor.

Apologies if you had already heard the story: it's one I'd been meaning to post, and when I was quoting Ms. Decker's twitter feed for our Adriana Lima post earlier this week, it reminded me it was past time to get to this one.