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large size patterns website designing Designing Websites for Every Audience hair salon

An excellent resource for all emerging and established Web designers, this book provides detailed analysis about what works and what doesn\'t when it comes to usability. More than 20 examples of well-known Web sites are profiled to illustrate good and bad design and functionality, outlining clear guidelines for meeting the end user\'s needs. The first half of the book covers key topics related to solid Web design, including: Common traits of user-friendly Web sites Typography selections for optimum readability Page layouts that promote quick downloading, easy scrolling and clear navigation The second half of the book is made up of detailed analyses of Web sites that have been designed or made ov er with usability in mind. They are grouped into six categories, according to the goals each user has: Learners, Browsers, Shoppers, Connection-seekers, Transactors and Entertainment-seekers. This book gives readers the insider information they need to design usable Web sites for any audience.