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Claire King Love Never Dies (Silent)

Handsome architect John Trott is spellbound when he meets beautiful Tilly Whaley. After a whirlwind romance, they are wed. Tilly\'s father learns that John\'s mother is a prostitute and forces his daughter to return home with him. Believing he has been abandoned, John rides the rails westward to start a new life. Tilly is heartbroken when John is reported killed in a train wreck. A decade later, fate would intervene, and the lovers\' paths would cross once again.Honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame for his six decade career, King Vidor won a honorary 1979 Oscar \"for his incomparable achievements as a cinematic creator and innovator.\" His 1928 masterpiece, The Crowd, earned his first of five Academy Award nominations. Uncredited, he directed all of the \"Kansas\ " scenes in The Wizard of Oz (1939) including the \"Somewhere Over The Rainbow\" sequence. Hallelujah! (1929), Our Daily Bread (1934), Stella Dallas (1937), The Citadel (1938), Duel In The Sun (1946), The Fountainhead (1949) and War And Peace (1956) are but a few of his many highly regarded works. Beautiful Madge Bellamy is best remembered for co-starring with Bela Lugosi in the classic horror film White Zombie (1932).