Classic: Raquel Welch 1960's

Lingerie, underwear, Raquel Welch, bra, panties, black and white, 1960's,

This post was inspired by two things. One, this post from A Slip of a Girl and my dad's early memories of Raquel Welch. Slip's post reminded me that when Ms. Welch was on a bunch of talk shows last year plugging a new book - and I can see how she got the title -, my father happened to mention remembering a certain affection for her when he was quite young, and she was on TV and in movies a great deal. I happened across this 1960's-vintage promotional photo of her in my travels around the net. I'm beginning to relate to that affection. Enough to see the wisdom of it being worthy of a post, and to consider a few more 'Classic' posts in the future. Black and white or color? Or should those photos be in Technicolor, as the below shot from the same session seems to be?

Lingerie, underwear, Raquel Welch, red, bra, bikini, panties, 1960's,

I'd dedicate the post to my dad, but since he doesn't know about this blog..

Um, right, dad..?

Edit: Thanks to photographer Rod Howe for the reblog with attribution and the info that these images come from a photo shoot for the 1967 original version of the movie Bedazzled.