2 For 1 Lingerie - Soledad Fandiño

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No, it's not buy one pair of panties and get the second half-price.* Looking at our last Blue Monday post, I was trying to see how we could almost accomplish the front and back view of the lady's undies (not to mention her nice barely-pantied ass) with one picture. There's your magic mirror, for you.

(*by the way, why is it a pair of panties when there's only one of them? OK, in fairness, I put that line there for one damned reason- Google or Bing it, and see how often it comes up; I'll take all the hits I can get..)

Edit: Not that I don't try to I.D. a model before I post a picture, but strange how you sometimes find information right after a post: The lovely lady above is Argentine actress and model Soledad Fandiño , and her bra and panties are by Marcela Kourey.