Amit Freidman Helps Demonstrate Potential Lingerie Wardrobe Malfunctions: A Scholarly Reflection

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Look carefully at the above photo of the lovely Israeli model Amit Freidman. What do you see? Besides her gorgeous red hair? Her sexy freckles? Her white lace bra? (Ah- you're getting closer to the point of this post). No,(not just) what's in her white lace bra, but how her bra sits on her frame. Cast a glance at her bra straps. I've often thought one of the hotter parts of lingerie is how it can fit over a girls' body.
Note the 'airspace' between the bra strap and her shoulder. True, based on fit, figure and design, you won't see this with all brassieres, but I've often thought it an interesting focus of thought.. as in, 'What would happen if that strap were to fail?' 'What would happen if that bra strap malfunctioned?' 'What would happen if the girl was just too much for her lingerie?' And, of course, 'Did I make that tiny cut in my girlfriend's bra strap or panties deep enough that the fabric will come apart at just the right time?'

Caveat: These thoughts are best applied when your girlfriend (like my fantastically lightly freckled blondish beauty) is also into a little help for her lingerie coming apart at just the right time as well (by sabotage or outfight destruction by hand), and you buy her more of it whatever you've caused to malfunction. Ignore that advice at your own peril.