Japanese Bra Shop : Cute, sexy and colourful

Japanese bras are said to be more decorative, more cute, and have sense of visual delight. They have tiny hearts to them, embroidiery and lace.

It is interesting that although Japan is the famous design country, the creator of latest trends that are copied by French and Italian designers, Japanese women are fairly shy to shop the cutting edge bloomy color bras you see in the shops.

It is interesting question, what kind of bra does Japanese women actually use in daily life.

In general, japanese bras seem to be more cute than sexy, more warm than cold. More childish than independent.

Compare a flower of sakura to a red rose. Sakura's scent is just a hint, an unobtrusive thought, while rose's scent is overwhelming, and something that seeks attention. Same goes with Japanese bra's color. Many Japanese women like simple white or pastel colors (or colour of sakura flower, why not). Some like black (like the branch of sakura tree). But it is rare to see heavy red, or yellow or other strong colors.

However, japanese bra is still sexy to look and feel. Dare to try japanese bra?

Japanese Bra
Japanese Bra
Japanese Bra