January Jones - Sparkling in Lingerie for X-Men: First Class

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Ms. Jones doesn't quite get out of the 1960's of Mad Men, but she does get down to some period-inspired lingerie as Emma Frost aka The White Queen in X-Men: First Class, opening today in the U.S. (By the way, if you want a hell of of backstory and have a few hours, check the above Wikipedia link..)
I can't speak to the authenticity of her undies in the film (I'd suspect her briefs to be a bit brief for the era, but I wasn't around then). For that you may wish to consult articles on Vintage at The Lingerie Addict, Sweet Cherry Vintage Lingerie, the Vintage archives at A Slip of a Girl or this article at Lingerie Diva's Diary if you want to replicate he character's look.